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Sorrell Solutions, L.L.C. is a non-profit business services organization enabling Sorrell College students' participation in real-world projects. Wholly-owned by the Troy University Foundation, Sorrell Solutions supports the mission of the Sorrell College of Business by providing engagement opportunities and advancing knowledge. Since 2015, we have provided opportunities for numerous students to gain and hone technical and business skills.


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Electronic Health Records

We design, implement, and operate a custom electronic health record for a nationwide group of specialized medical providers. Our solution provides data entry functions, billing support, and state-by-state immunization registry integration. Agile development practices keep the implementation evergreen.

Contact us to find out if custom software development is the right fit for your scenario.

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Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce? Freshworks? Zendesk?

We can help you find the right fit for your non-profit or business, considering industry-specific solutions, time-to-implementation, and of course, budget.

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Security Assessment and Penetration Testing

In cooperation with experienced, certified security professionals, we offer security assessments and penetration testing services for environments of any scale. Not only technical in nature, our assessments evaluate your security practices and policies to give you a complete picture of your cyber risk.

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